Want to be a FootyBoys model?

Think you've got what it takes to be a FootyBoys model?

We have some pretty straight forward criteria when it comes to our models. 

1. Masculine Looks - We like our men to be men.  You don't have to look like Brad Pitt (although we reckon Brad Pitt would look hot in our gear).  We like our guys to be ruggedly handsome, masculine and sexy.

2. Legs - When it comes to footy shorts, it's all about your legs. When it come to Rugby League and Rugby Union the more solid and chunkier your legs are the better!  For Aussie Rules and Soccer/Football it's more about a lean, muscular and definition.

3. Butt - Gotta have a good one to fill out the shorts.

If you think you fit the bill send us your photos and information.  

At a minimum you will need to include photos of yourself in footy shorts with no shirt on showing the following:

- a full length photo of you facing front and facing back
- clear shots of your legs - from the front, back and side
- clear shots of your butt - from the back and the side
- close up head shots

Want to be featured on our FootyBoys Facebook Page?

FootyBoys also runs a very successful facebook brand page. If you would like to be featured on this page be sure to let us know.

If you're interested in becoming a FootyBoys model, please contact Jeff on